Degree Requirements

The social sciences major is designed for those students who either, wish to blend any three of the disciplines represented in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, or want to pursue the single subject teaching credential in social science, with an emphasis on History.


Requirements (62 to 65 units)
Total units required for graduation: 180

A minimum of 30 to 31 units (primary) in one of the following fields, plus 16 to 17 units each (secondary) in two others:

Ethnic Studies
Political Science
Women's Studies

Of the 30 to 31 units comprising the primary field, no more than twelve units may be from the lower-division courses. In each secondary field, no more than eight units may be from lower-division courses.

Those courses which will be required and allowed for use in this track, both in the primary and secondary fields, are listed in the Courses Page. It is the responsibility of both the student and the student's advisor to construct a program in line with these requirements. Once agreed to, the program is filed in the student's permanent folder in the Office of Records, Registration and Evaluation but is subject to revision by mutual consent. No more than 32 units may be selected from any one department.